Sports for betting in India

Of course, sports betting cannot be called a means of earning money. When wondering which sport is better to bet on, it should be remembered that this is, first of all, entertainment, through which you can win a small amount of money. This method is not suitable for those who want to quickly and easily solve global financial difficulties using betting. How to learn sports betting? The first thing to remember before starting the game at the bookmaker’s office is the lack of winning sports. The success of a bet directly depends on your ability to analyze statistical data and predict a certain outcome based on the information received. In this article, we have reviewed legal betting in India and will tell you which sport is the best to bet on.


The most popular sports for players from different countries differ. Baseball, for example, is more popular in the United States than in any other part of the world. Well, in India the most popular sport is cricket. Cricket betting odds can be made all year round, bookmakers offer odds for both the world championship, English and Australian cups, and small local tournaments. And this state of affairs simply cannot but please the lover of forecasts and cricket bets. In the summer, when any events of other sports areas, be it football or other popular sports, go on vacation, the English Cricket Championship is held. This may surprise many, but the Cricket world championship, which is held every four years and falls between the FIFA and the Olympics, is the fourth largest spectator interest in the former British colonies and especially in India. Today, cricket betting has begun to gain popularity in leading bookmakers and on the popular online betting sites. As mentioned earlier, India has a special relationship with cricket and therefore a special league, called IPL, was created for the fans of this game. IPL betting is accepted by betting companies and Indian rupees. Such a sporting event cannot leave aside the real players, the excitement of the participants and spectators of cricket competitions cannot but pass on to betting amateurs. When you decide to make money on cricket bets, simply study the existing extensive information, tips, and advice from experts and try to emerge as a winner after place a bet.


Perhaps no one doubts that football is the most popular sport. Naturally, bookmakers pay special attention to this sport. Exist many strategies for betting on football matches. These strategies are in pre-match bets and strategies for football in a live game. In online sports betting, there are no win-win strategies for football (and indeed, for any other sport). However, playing by strategy increases the efficiency of your bets, giving your game order, and increasing your chances of winning in the long run. It is also worth noting that the use of football strategies is also good because bookmakers allow their clients to deposit money with the largest amounts for this sport. This is especially true for top-level matches, wherein some offices the maximums are hundreds of thousands of dollars. The line of betting on football includes many options: bets on the outcome (victory of one of the teams or a draw), on the number of goals (from 0-0 to “hockey” results), on various handicaps, on the exact score, on the number of corners, yellow skating, fouls, shots on goal, substitutions, bets on goal authors, on the outcomes of the first and second halves, etc. Betting on football and football odds is popular all over the world, and a good bookmaker offers more than 100 betting options for each match of a typical football championship. On top of everything else, football is the most broadcasted sport in the world today, so you will always have the opportunity to watch your bet play on TV. This opens up a great live streaming experience that qualified players will surely appreciate. The strategy of betting on football in real-time is not much different from strategies in other sports: here you also need to have excellent knowledge, carefully monitor the broadcast of the match, notice any changes in-play and promptly respond to them by timely bet or cancellation of an option that seemed to be successful initially. Legal India Bookmakers also allow fans to bet on football using Indian rupees. Many betting fans choose the bookmaker “Parimatch”: a huge selection of various leagues, tournaments, and matches is presented on its website.

Horse Racing

Even though it is now 2021, horse racing still occupies a separate place in sports betting and is one of the most exciting and interesting sports. In parallel with horse racing, bets appeared on this type of competition. It was from the races that bets began to develop all over the world, but even today every player who is interested in them in bookmakers can bet on the races. Horse racing is one of the few sports, except athletic, where are not 2, but several rivals compete at once. Their number can reach 14 or even more. Hence the coefficients for this sport are noticeably higher than the result of a football match, because the leader, the middle peasant, and even one of the outsiders can win. That’s why all have approximate equal horse racing odds winning. If you study the rules in several sportsbooks, you can find one that pays out the winnings according to the starting coefficient, even though the bet was made according to the early or board coefficients, which turned out to be lower than the starting one. In general, if you love horse racing, then most of the Indian bookmakers provide the opportunity to place a bet.

Legal betting

According to unofficial statistics, most sports bets in India are made on cricket. There are no official statistics on this matter, and for a very simple reason – any sports betting in India is prohibited. Now each state of India has its laws regarding sports betting, and only two of them officially allow bookmaking – in Goa and Sikkim. The rest of the Indian states and territories make sports betting illegal. Interestingly, some Indian states, such as Sikkim with its Playwin lottery and Goa with its casino courts, have even succeeded in legalizing gambling. While other states have not even started a similar process yet. India has the potential to be a truly amazing market with so many sports fans. But despite all this, there are already several legally operating betting companies in India that ensure a wide variety of betting services. Such a company is Parimatch. From the beginning of its activity in India, it has established itself as a reliable company, with the help of which your chance of winning increases.

When choosing a sport for betting in an Indian bookmaker, one should proceed not from false criteria about the concepts of ease or profitability, but from one’s knowledge of a particular sport. You should only place bets on those competitions that you can figure out on your own. If you are fond of football, then you should bet only on football, if you only know about cricket, then you need the only wager on cricket. The selection of bets may not be very large, but they will be with increased reliability. You shouldn’t experiment with your chosen sports either. The list of events should be limited to championships that you know about and know the capabilities of the teams. Only this approach will be able to bring victory in the confrontation with the bookmaker’s office and will make it feasible to gain more often.