Popular mistakes when start betting online

Every day new players are registered in the betting companies. Some of them are already experienced and just want to try out a new platform, and someone is just about to plunge into the world of sports betting. If you ask any player of bookmakers about his success in betting, then in the worst case, he will say that he remained “at his own”. Usually, players tend to exaggerate their successes, which is why beginners find it very easy to make bets. On the strength of 2-3% of the players have positive betting statistics after a long period of the game, and these figures need to be based on. Usually, all learn from their own mistakes, but in this year 2023 it is better to acquire knowledge at the expense of others and we will help you. In this article, we will tell you how to avoid losing money at online sports betting.

Common mistakes made by beginners

The biggest and most terrible error made by a beginner player is the awareness of sports betting as a method to earn money. A common mistake is to attempt to earn money on bets. This can be an enjoyable pastime, a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are cool in sports and beat the bookmaker line, it should still be an enjoyable hobby, bringing complementary income, no more. If you set a goal to live exclusively on bet sports, then you will wallow in depression, debts, and  losses.

Another significant error is the wish to recoup. The golden rule: if you lose the amount you could afford to lose, then this is your bet for today. Do not try to bet or make bettors return the lost! With this approach, you automatically lose concentration and begin to bet on all kinds of nonsense. Even if you still have the match that you had in mind before losing, you still can’t wager on that day anymore.

One more common error is ignorance of the rules of the bookmaker. It is especially important to know the rules of betting companies on Indian sports betting. All sports betting sites that work in India accept bets sports in different ways. Therefore, be careful. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you read the rules of the bookmaker and the betting guide.

Also, a popular mistake is the purchase of predictions and outcomes of contractual meetings. Even when a beginner comes to the understanding that making money on bets is not so easy, he does not give up the idea of easy money, turning his eyes to buying predictions of more successful players. More than 90% of these players do not have any success in betting and are banal scammers.

Mistakes in choosing a bookmaker

As a separate point, we would like to highlight this big mistake of beginners. A trusted bookie is one of the important key points so you can win betting. Chasing high odds or beautiful huge bonuses, it’s easy to be catching on traps. But on the Internet, you can easily find blacklist sites that fool their customers. The main criteria for choosing a bookmaker for successful players:

·        High betting odds. Low margin is a fertile field for a successful player when looking for a positive mathematical expectation of betting lines;

·        Maximum limits on bets. The limits mustn’t be cut with a successful game;

·        Reliability. It’s stupid to repeat 100 times, but a reliable bookmaker is the safety of your money.

Given all of the above, we want to advise you about a company which is called Parimatch. Online bookmaker Parimatch is one of the most reliable companies. Talking about live betting, we can say that this section accounts for the largest number of bettors. Here you can bet on various matches and sports, for example: in football, cricket, hockey, basketball, tennis, e-sports, billiards, squash, and many others. Over 2,000 different events are available here daily.

Effective bankroll management is a key to win money

In this unusual time for humanity, you could find an opportunity to bet on different games a little more often. If you are just starting your journey in the world of betting on the Internet, we can advise you to stick to bankroll management. After all, the most important thing is to learn how to play a responsible game that does not undermine your budget. Your bankroll is the total amount of money that you have at your disposal for bets. Your bankroll consists only of the money that you can afford to lose. This is money that, in case of loss, does not affect anything or anyone in your life. Your bankroll consists entirely of disposable income.  There are several reasons why bankroll management is important. Firstly, it limits the risk of going broke. Following bankroll management also means that you don’t have to immediately go down the limits once you catch a bad strick. With a fairly betting performance bankroll, you can survive the downstream, which sooner or later happened to all players who have been in betting for a long time. Also, a good bankroll management strategy does not allow you to grow too fast by limits, keeping you in the games that you win confidently.

Fatal error while cash out funds

Often, funds cannot be cashed out or transferred to a bank card due to the player’s inattention. Based on the rules of sportsbook, you can highlight the typical mistakes that players make when working with the account:

·        It’s worth starting with a simple check. You must make sure to bet your deposit at least once. The rules of betting companies stipulate: a deposit must be made at least once;

·        Cash-out of an incorrect amount. It may be less or more than permitted. The exact amount should be indicated, not exceeding the account limit, but also not going to extremes;

·        Exceeding the limit of operations on the card. The user’s bank cards, as a rule, provide for a certain daily limit;

·        Account verification gap. For example, the user did not pass the verification or did not attach a cell phone number to the profile. Even if a small part of the information is not available in your account, the system will not allow you to withdraw money in any way preferred for the participant. Check your data in your account.

It is important that for players a fatal error in withdrawing funds may appear when the player is suspected of fraud. Then the profit will be canceled, and the player will be able to get back only his deposit.

Summarizing, we want to mention that you should create a rule for yourself: any losing bet is a reason for analysis (winning, by the way, too), and not to recoup. Do not despair if your first steps in betting were unsuccessful. All professionals started the same way, but you have the opportunity to avoid many mistakes because the negative experience of the players is publicly available. It is only necessary to try not to repeat the mistakes that they made.