Is Betting Legal in India

The question of “is online betting legal in India” is something that constantly pops up in the minds of many punters around the world. Not only in India, but also in many other places around the world. When browsing the Internet people can find tons of information that even seems to contradict itself at some moments. This is why this article is intended to debunk the most common misconceptions, and allow to put a final end to the eternal but legitimate question whether it is legal betting in India.

Laws sometimes can be extremely confusing. So much so that sometimes people feel that they need to have a degree in the realm in order to understand what those documents and texts state. Sometimes they are left intentionally ambiguous in order to interpret those texts in whatever way someone wants according to his or her intentions. Unfortunately this ambiguity goes right against the common user, who simply wants to know whether they can get in trouble or not for using seemingly safe betting sites. It is simply a matter of yes or no.

It is because of these reasons that the present article will explain the most important aspects about the legal betting status of bookmakers in India, and hopefully the potential user of one of these platforms will get an answer that properly satisfies his or her needs.

Exploring some of the betting laws in India

When examining the Indian laws concerning betting the answer seems to be pretty clear at first: betting is illegal in the country. At this point many people reading this article might think that this is the end and they can simply leave this article, right? Not so fast, because as it happens with most things concerning laws, things enter some sort of “gray area”. The actual wording simply mentions the terms “betting” or “gambling”.

This description has been interpreted in a very literal way by the common people, bookies and lawmakers in the country. This literal reasoning goes in a way like “it says just ‘betting’, not ‘online betting’”. Therefore, according to this interpretation, the current laws in the country allow online wagering, or at the very least, doesn’t explicitly forbid it.

There are other laws and articles that could be explored in order to search for more answers. But this is not a laws lecture, it is an article that intends to deliver precise answers. In this case, considering the ambiguous wording, and the fact that many people in India seem to be quite happy with the literal interpretation of the terms “betting” and “online betting”, it can be absolutely stated that nobody in the country will get in any kind of trouble by using sports betting sites.

Of course big companies still take their precautions. For example, there are no official Indian bookmakers. Instead, all companies where punters from this part of the world can place a bet are foreign agencies that have opened their websites to the entire world, including of course India.

After this detailed explanation about the legal status of these kinds of agencies in the country, and taking into consideration that laws as a whole sometimes can be quite ambiguous and difficult to interpret for many people, even for lawyers themselves sometimes, it is possible to summarize some key points:

In fact, the Indian Premier League, one of the most competitive cricket competitions from all over the world, features heavily lots of bookmakers, and considering that this championship is allowed to continue, is there any better proof to sustain the fact that Indian punters can continue to wager without fearing anything? So hopefully people now understand that they can deposit, as well as withdraw their well deserved winnings without any fear for anything.

Some clues for answering the question of how to choose the bookmaker in India

When choosing the best online betting sites, it is a good idea to do some independent research and see what each bookmaker has to offer in objective terms. Also, comparing real user testimonials is a great idea too. Ultimately is the user who must decide what they want. Do they want a bookmaker that focuses on one or two sports, such as football and cricket? Or do they want something that gives a wider range of options?

Another important thing to consider are the extra features such as bonuses statistics, past results, live streamings, analyses and more. For many people this is essential, as important as ensuring that the portal has disciplines such as tennis, basketball or horse racing, while for others this is not really important.

Security is also extremely important. In order to find safe betting sites, it is recommended to ensure that the site being reviewed has certifications from governments or agencies. Also, it is a good idea to use a site that allows betting in Indian currency.

Probably the final point that everybody should inquire about are the odds. Odds refer to the overall size of a reward that an user might obtain for a certain wager. However, at the end of the day, deciding only on the odds for picking a bookmaker is the same as choosing a product over another only for its price. Sure, price is a great reason for choosing something, but this by itself ignores other aspects like quality, useful life, among other factors.