How to deposit on Parimatch in India

Parimatch is one of the best among any Indian bookie and in the entire world. There are many reasons for claiming this. For example, one of the most cited reasons includes the hundreds or even thousands of sport events listed at any moment. On the other hand, people also love the live wagering and live streaming features that this official site has to offer. The Parimatch bonus is also an incredibly appreciated function.

However, another very important reason why Parimatch has become one of the most preferred platforms for online betting in India is the simplicity that the platform has for making both withdrawals and deposits into the user’s Parimatch account. For example, one of the first things that people should know are the methods available for doing that.

As of 2021 these methods include:

Depending on when this article is being read, it is likely that more payment methods can be made available for punters. However, regardless of the form used for depositing money or withdrawing funds, Parimatch has ensured that using any of them becomes an extremely simple process.

Discussing the Parimatch deposit methods

Before discussing the actual question of how to deposit on Parimatch, it should be said that this bookmaker offers a lot of flexibility to its users. Sure, flexibility by itself doesn’t say too much. But this will become far more clearer when discussing the payment methods that the platform currently offers to its users.

Regardless of the form of payment being used, there are a few things that people who login Parimatch must take into consideration. First of all, every payment method has lower and upper limits for the amounts that can be deposited and withdrawn. Most of the time people can have difficulties when dealing with the lower limit. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, as Parimatch is well known for disclosing all the relevant information to its customers with full clarity.

Another important factor to consider when using any Indian sports betting site are the fees that every payment method might have. Most of them might take a commission out of every transaction that an user makes. This is regardless if the service being paid for is a bookmaker or something else. These commissions are usually single digit numbers. However, over time, they might add up considerably, meaning that people should pay a good deal of attention to how much they are spending not only in the wagers, but also in this kind of commissions.

Online payment systems and electronic wallets

Websites like Skrill or Neteller are extremely convenient and recommended these days. They have allowed people to have all their purchases and transactions under control and to pay or get paid with only a few clicks or taps. Also, for Indian punters convenience, they also support Indian rupees.

Nowadays most online sports betting sites, including Parimatch India, accept those two websites, plus a few more. This means that adding cash to the balance or withdrawing well deserved earnings is only a few taps or clicks away. This simplicity has resulted in large numbers of customers deciding to employ these forms of payment. However, people should never forget that all these services have costs and limits associated with their use, meaning that it is a good idea to take a look at the often neglected terms and conditions that they and the bookmaker have. Many of them feature convenient cashback policies.

Using credit cards at Parimatch

Credit cards remain, and probably will keep for the foreseeable future, being one of the most popular payment methods. The reasons for this popularity are not really important for now. However, it should be mentioned that many people, and rightfully so, fear compromising the security of their credit card, and can be a bit hesitant on putting their card information on Parimatch or in any other betting site. But, at least in the case of the Parimatch bookie, it can be stated that this website is absolutely safe and a legal bookmaker in India. This claim doesn’t come from the bookmaker itself, it comes from the several audits conducted by agencies that work for ensuring the transparency of the operations conducted by this kind of platforms.


Neteller is one of the most popular forms of payment that people nowadays employ for making any Parimatch bet. It has the advantage of having relatively lower commissions when compared to other forms, and also allows players to instantly have both withdrawals and deposits being completed. Therefore, this might be an interesting option to consider.


Skrill is one of the most widely used payment methods all over the world, not only in bookmakers but in many other realms. It allows people to have all their finances centralized at a single place. Also, it seamlessly connects with sportsbooks and tons of other services, meaning that people feel extremely comfortable when making use of these platforms. It is a good idea to put attention to the commissions that this service charges. However, it is still a great option.


AstroPay card is an electronic wallet service that has become increasingly popular in India and in other parts around the world. Every day, more and more bookmakers are accepting them. Right now it is not as popular as Neteller or Skrill as a method for making any withdrawal and Parimatch deposit. However, it is being quickly adopted by an increasing number of people, meaning that in the not so distant future, it might rival the two aforementioned services.

Bank wire transfers

Finally, bank wire transfers have the advantage of being extremely secure. After all, in order to compromise that it would be necessary to literally compromise the entire bank that runs its operations. For this reason, they have become a highly reliable, although slow, option that many people employ nowadays.