CS GO betting

Nowadays esports is gaining special popularity around the world. Regardless of age, gender, and type of activity, computer games are gaining the attention of the increasing public. Counter-Strike version 1.6 is practically the very first successful team first-person shooter. Today there are many similar games, which are much more beautiful than Counter-Strike, but this game is still among the favorite games of many gamers. And with the development of esports, it became possible to make money on CS GO. Therefore, many fans of this game have turned into e-sportsmen.

Counter-Strike basics

In Counter-Strike of this version, each player is allowed to take a place in a terrorist team, or a counter-terrorist team, and influence the outcome of the battle. This is far from an ordinary game, but an excellent chance to take part in real special operations and military actions. The gameplay of Counter-Strike is quite impetuous and fast, at any moment an enemy may appear in front of you and begin to fire at you. The battles take place on a huge number of cards, which are divided into the following types: cards where it is necessary to free the hostages; maps where you need planting bomb; maps on which the main mission is to accompany an important person; cards, with a mission to stop the escape of terrorists.

CS: GO Odds

The first advantage is the availability of the game. Today, anyone can download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a PC for free, since the distributions are freely available. The second advantage is the cleanliness of the assembly, there is nothing superfluous in it, no ads, no left textures, weapons, and other things, just a game, thanks to which it can be played even on many outdated computers.

Another advantage of version 1.6 is that the balance between counter-terrorists and terrorists is maintained to the last. The balance is felt in almost everything: in the specifics of the movement, in the choice of weapons, in the elements of attack and defense, that is, in all the moments that make the game exciting. Another plus of the game is the ease of finding a suitable server, which can be searched using a convenient browser right in the game.

At the moment, the base of the game contains more than 10 thousand servers. And the last significant advantage is bots, which can be adjusted to the required level of complexity.

How to win?

The main tournament in the CS: GO discipline is considered the Major with a prize pool of 2,000,000 US dollars. The competition is held twice a year with the participation of the strongest teams. In addition to the main event, there are several championships:

·        ESL

·        DreamHack

·        BLAST Pro Series

·        WESG

All these competitions are held throughout the year, during which there is a struggle for the title of the best team in the world.

Of course, in addition to professional teams and major tournaments, the audience interest is also fueled by bets on CS: GO matches. Like other sports and e-sports, Counter-Strike is actively covered in bookmakers. Betting strategy on Counter-Strike has a ton of features and subtleties. It is rather difficult to understand them. Therefore, betting odds for CS are recommended only for professional gamers. But what makes experts different from beginners? Firstly, the professionals have vast experience in playing Counter-Strike.

Second, they always adhere to the same rules:

Ø  Analysis of the event. This includes assessing the capabilities of opponents. Since there are 5 people in a team, their form and degree of readiness must be analyzed separately. Then the assessment includes the teamwork of the team, tactics for the game, the degree of reaction to force majeure situations, psychological reaction to defeat in rounds, etc.

Ø  Tournament format. In some competitions, the pair winners are determined in one match, and in some, they play 2 or 3 rounds. The number of rounds often varies within 30, but the number of additional rounds is provided by the tournament organizers individually. All this affects the chances of opponents for the final series winner.

Ø  Line of coefficients. Quotes for Counter-Strike meetings often delight forecasters. Often you can bet in prematch odds 2.50 with a high probability of getting the outcome. You should never place bets in a bookmaker office that give inflated quotes. There is a risk of falling into the clutches of scammers.

Ø  Betting strategy. On the global network, you can find dozens of “winning” CS: GO betting tips tournaments. None of them will bring long-term profit. This is especially true of the strategy of betting on favorites.

Ø  Reliability of the tournament. The point is that a huge number of hackers (cheaters) have spread recently. They only win matches by cheating. If the tournament is protected from this kind of interference, then it is suitable for betting, otherwise, it is better to forget about it.

Ø  In bookmakers, success correlates with the bettor’s knowledge and analytical skills. Cold calculation and competent analytics. In addition to all the analysis, it is also necessary to develop your betting strategies. We invite you to consider 3 strategies online eSports betting.

Ø  Betting on pistol rounds and the overall outcome on the map. Each match begins with pistol rounds, which determine who will take the first round of the half, get a good economy, which will allow buying a more powerful arsenal of weapons and grenades in the future. If everything goes according to plan, then after around with some pistols, the team takes at least 3 more of the 16 required to win. It makes sense to wager on the overall victory of the team that won the first pistol round.

Ø  Outsiders in small tournaments. The term “small tournaments” means competitions with a small prize fund and only two or three teams from the shooting range-1 stage.

Ø  Live bets on the outcome of the match. This type of in-play betting is very suitable for betting on matches of semi-professional teams. It’s still easier here than in the previous two strategies. To be competently guided by this strategy, you need to know the strengths of the betting map well and thereby make money on live streaming.

Best Indian betting sites on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

1.      Parimatch (originally a sports bookmaker that actively develops the e-sports segment,  bookmaker covers events of different levels: from Major to qualifying matches.);

2.      Betscsgo;

3.      1xbet.

Match betting has always been an integral part of Counter-Strike because a large number of tournaments and an equal level of teams give a lot of chances to become a winner. The first bets on this game appeared in early versions, then a few fans bet cash live without any particular guarantees of winning. Today, betting on CS: GO is much easier and safer since now you can place bets while streaming a match from anywhere in the world, on all major CS: GO tournaments.