Cricket Betting & Odds

For some players, cricket betting is an incomprehensible exotic for experts. This non-contact team sport originally from medieval England is poorly developed in Europe, which cannot be said about the English-speaking world. Cricket is most popular in Great Britain and in its former colonial countries — Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa.

The ICC (International Cricket Conference) includes about 106 national federations. The strongest and most titled cricket teams are the national teams from Australia and India. In its essence, cricket is similar to baseball, popular in America, where outdoor play is also carried out with a bat and ball, in which there are dashes and knocking out of players.

The most famous and demanded cricket tournaments for sport betting are international and national matches for men:

There are also bettors who are not averse to betting on women’s cricket.

Betting odds for cricket and their advantages

This kind of sport would not be so popular without its great benefits:

In general, the margin for bets on winning international events is small (4-5%), so the cricket betting odds are very attractive.

How to Bet on Cricket

Having mastered the rules and regulations of cricket tournaments, you can start analyzing prematch at cricket betting site, for this you need to rely on the main factors:

Be sure to follow a pre-tested strategy, and under no circumstances play all-in. After putting the entire amount on the line, you can easily and quickly burn it out.

How to Calculate Cricket Betting Odds: Tips

The size of the odds depends on the probability of the event. The higher it is, the lower the odds, and vice versa. Different bookmakers estimate the likelihood of events differently, so the odds differ in different bookmakers. The most common type of online cricket betting odds is European or decimal — for example, 1.50, 2.00, 3.25.

To calculate it, you can consider a following example of cricket betting odds explained.

Let the bet odds be 4.00 or just 4. This means the probability of the match host winning is 25%. To calculate the probability of the outcome, you need to divide the unit by the odd and multiply by 100. In this case, the calculations will be as follows: 1/4 = 0.25 x 100% = 25%.

To calculate the winning amount, you need to multiply the bet size by the European odds of the selected outcome, for example: 100 (dollars) x 2.25 = 225 dollars. Net profit with the forecast will amount to 125 dollars.

Value betting on cricket odds

Usually value betting is the situation when the bookmaker offers odds higher than it really should be. For example, there are two equal cricket teams, that will win 50 victories over a distance of 100 matches. It turns out that the odds (taking into account the margin) should be 1.95 each on P1 and P2.

But the betting websites see the situation differently and gives odds of 2.20 versus 1.83. If you bet an equal amount on P1 in each of 100 matches, you will earn 20% of your turnover. At the same time, from the point of view of mathematics, you earn even with lost bets, because ROI is calculated correctly from the entire distance, and not from a short sample.